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  • Author & Speaker K.C. Pierson was born in Los Angeles, CA. He lived a childhood of rejection, filled with physical and emotional abuse by his alcoholic, divorced parents. When he was...

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“Welcome to Thought Life Connection. What we talk about here is our inner lives. How we think, feel, and act in this world and how out of balance most people are. We try to restore a balanced state by awakening the spiritual light within.

We all have a light within.

The divine did not give a thimble of light more to one person and a bucketful to another – we all have the same amount of divine light within us. This site is about awakening that inner light. Consider this a priceless resource of principles offered in a logical order form to build a new character that lives fully in the light in all things that you do.

To live with passion. To do all things with the art of love as your motivator. To think and act in the world of genius.

Are you ready?

The resources on this site have been built to educate individuals on how to stop living their lives through their instincts or a sensed existence which means satisfying the body through materialism.

Most people live in a great amount of pain and suffering. Amazing how many people have nice things, cars, and a multitude of worldly comforts but there is still a great emptiness there. That void is usually a byproduct of empty personal relationships that have no depth or range. This often comes from a lack of education on how our inner selves work. It also comes from the wreckage of our past and people continue to live in that trauma even though you are no longer a child.

Maybe you are irritable. Maybe you fly off the handle. Maybe you don’t want to keep living. All you know is there is an emptiness inside which needs to be filled.

Deep within there is an inner voice waiting to guide you that has every answer you are looking for.

Let’s continue the journey together,

Ken (K.C.)